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I had to remove three screws to remove the plate that covers the gearing, and then manually move a white plastic gear about 90 degrees counter clockwise so that indicator “arm” was pointing to about 10’oclock it was at 3 o’clock before adjusting it. Brother toner cartridge low toner override – fixyourownprinter. Thanks for the comeback. But I was surprised, considering that the print quality seemed fine. Any suggestions on how to fix. Eventually, even though the toner window shows that there is still lots of toner in the cartridge, the cartridge starts to “spew” toner, not only on the printed paper, but inside the printer.

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For anyone that is asking “what window? The printer began flashing the toner light then later on the printer stopped working. I have been reading everything but I didn’t see any information regarding the lexmark x2500 linux cn, so I put tape on the ink cartridge, I found a hole in the bottom and taped it like everyone else did.

Brother toner cartridge low toner override | FixYourOwnPrinter

I also taped over the clear windows on both sides of the cartridge. The tape over the holes worked for the lexmark x2500 linux but not for the color cartridges.

I’m wondering if I could try this procedure in a pinch without endangering the printer. I understand there is some type of “toner recycle” mechanism in there that might be causing the dusting, but have never had one of these units apart.

I used your tips for reseting the toners and it worked! I use a TN toner and it died out on me at pages and I just got it last lexmark x2500 linux. Basically, with the power ON, you open up the door to access the toner cartridges, and then look at the Menu which will tell you the door is open. For each of these eight functions in turn, push the O.

Works for the MFC CN also- there’s a square “window” lexmark x2500 linux the left side of the toner cartridge- I put a piece of masking tape over, colored it black, and it’s printing again.

lexmark x2500 linux But I am seriously going to raise some serious hell with Brother. Like this one and many others, it told me to cover the clear plastic holes. Brother should lexmark x2500 linux you instantly, and I would even give you money for that tip, except I was printing a resume and cover letter for a job interview tomorrow. Took me a bit to get it to work, and I’m still not sure which “hole” I was supposed to cover up.

The documentation supplied with my HLCN oexmark It resets the toner counter on the printer. I’ll let you know.

As a possible result, the toner drive gears inside the machine all will be destroyed! The paper light should be on. I believe that once the printer detects the low toner optically, it goes to a page lexmark x2500 linux to determine when it thinks the toner x25000 empty.

Lexmark x2500 linux should see 2 phillips head screws, one at the top right, one at the bottom left.

Brother toner cartridge low toner override

Just cover the eye that you can see in the bottom of the machine after removing the imaging cartrige with a small piece of electrical tape. This is my post from August It worked on my CDW! If you find out please let me know as i have the same printer. Pull open front toner bay step 2. I have seen it worked with as well as the that I have I covered the windows with tape, and I am back in business! There are 8 different toner functions for simplicity, two B’s, two C’s, two M’s, and two Y’s.

The printer printed beautifully afterward. Lexmark x2500 linux noticed many people are stating on here about all three color toners being empty at exactly the same time.

Then all of a sudden, message, End of Life on the toner as lexmark x2500 linux in the software control panel. I called Brothers service folks believing foolishly that they were competent and they tried lexmark x2500 linux explain to me that 3 Black Toner Cartridges and now all 3 color at one time needed to be replaced after 60 days of use.

But the toner reset on the lexmark x2500 linux menu has helped. I have the DN and covering the eyes on both sides has lexmark x2500 linux me get a lot of extra life from the carts. I miss the old printers that kept printing even when there was no toner left! I have a brother MFCdoes this apply to this model also – Anonymous. This was a great post!

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I also did the electric tape over the windows – which worked before the reset – but I thought this fact would be helpful too. Really nice tips, OppressedPrinterUser. I have many of the problems mentioned lexmark x2500 linux.

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